Organize complex print projects easily

AccurioPro Compile makes the compilation and printing of extensive documentation a breeze

AccurioPro Compile: Organize complex print projects easily

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What is unique about AccurioPro Compile?

AccurioPro Compile: Compile documents

Compile documents

Combine several single documents to a print project. You can specify the print settings for each document individually and also insert slip sheets and tab sheets.

AccurioPro Compile: Save projects with all their settings

Save projects with all their settings

Save the entire project to reprint it at any time. The single documents remain in their original locations and can be edited there as usual.                                                

AccurioPro Compile: Print always up-to-date files

Print always up-to-date files

When you open a saved project to reprint it, the current document version is automatically retrieved. You are always printing up-to-date data without having to exchange documents manually or having to create a new print project.

AccurioPro Compile: The ideal solution

The ideal solution when printing:

  • Training material
  • Manuals
  • Documentation
  • Annual reports
  • Sales reports

Features: Easily create, update, and print comprehensive print products

AccurioPro Compile: Save print projects and reuse them at any time

Save print projects and reuse them at any time

The compilation of PDF files, tab sheets with their labels, the position of the slip sheets, the print settings for documents and deviant print settings for individual PDF files, simply everything that you have defined in your print project, is saved and can be retrieved at any time.

AccurioPro Compile: Always up-to-date content

Always up-to-date content

It is no problem if the content of your documents need to be changed. Perform the changes in the source documents. Save the PDF file again in the same location under the same name and it will be available in you print project the next time you open it.

AccurioPro Compile: Prepare documents independently

Prepare documents independently

If several authors or several departments within an organization are working on one print project, they can prepare their documents independently of each other and make them available as PDF files. In AccurioPro Compile, you can retrieve those PDF files from their individual locations and compile them into one final document.

AccurioPro Compile: Save print settings as template for reuse

Save print settings as template for reuse

If you always use the same settings for the processing of the documents, the finishing and the printer settings in your projects, save them as templates. If you now create a new project, you can select the saved settings instead of having to make them manually. It will save you lots of clicks and lots of time.

AccurioPro Compile: Customized documentation

Customized documentation

Create customized documentation. Select from a print project only those files that you want to compile individually for a customer as new documentation. In addition to printing the selected files, you can also easily save them as a PDF file. So you can respond to individual customer requests.

AccurioPro Compile: Mixed formats

Mixed formats

If your print project consists of PDF files with different paper formats, you can select whether these formats are to be retained for the output or scaled to a specified output format. You can also print brochures easily.

More functions:

  • Automatic preflight check
  • Automated printing of existing projects via hot folder
  • The printer's paper catalog can be retrieved and used
  • Archiving projects allows to print them again in an unchanged state
  • Project overview (Number of pages to be printed etc.) for production planning
  • Multi-line tab labels are available

Example of use: How AccurioPro Compile simplifies the preparation of our own training material

Our training folder, organized and printed with AccurioPro Compile
Our training folder, organized and printed with AccurioPro Compile

Printing of training folders

In regular software training courses, we train our colleagues from Konica Minolta's national organizations. Our goal is to enable them to support our customers on-site in the best possible way. An important tool during these courses is an extensive training folder, which each participant receives.

The folder contains instructions, exercises, presentations and information material, arranged by topic with the help of tab sheets. The documentation is regularly updated as changes occur with every new version of our software solution.

Our training team uses AccurioPro Compile to organize and print the documents and is thrilled by its advantages.

Even if the documents need to be updated, they can continue to use the existing printing project unchanged. As long as the updated documents are saved in the same location under the same name, the print project is always up-to-date. The settings do not have to be changed.

So when a training course is scheduled, they only need to start AccurioPro Compile and hit the print button. The updated documents are automatically retrieved and printed. The print result is the assembled content of a training folder, complete with all the labeled tab sheets.

Experience AccurioPro Compile in action

When to use AccurioPro Compile

  • If you want to compile one print job out of several individual documents
  • If you want to print the compiled print job repeatedly without the need to create it from scratch each time
  • If you want to structure the compiled print job with additional tab sheets and slip sheets
  • If the individual documents that make up your print job are saved in different locations and need to be available there for editing
  • If the documents which form your print project are updated frequently
  • If you need the option to save the compiled print project or parts of it as PDF file
  • If you want to avoid the printing of individual documents and the manual sorting afterwards

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  • Up-to-date software
  • Planning reliability
  • No sudden investments

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